Week 43 ticksheets

So, sb is settling into working hard. Looking at her classical civ answers it is clear we as parents need to sit with her for her to learn how to answer and get marks – a skill in itself!
This week we are hoping to finalise exam centres. I can’t quite believe how long it is taking, but know after this year all other years are straightforward , so being as relaxed as it is possible for me to be ;) at least I have belief it is going to all come together!
Bb needs us to do more diverse and fun home ed stuff. She is finally getting her head around the concept if doing some routine things. She is working to year 4 english books and year 3 maths as we have to make sure it is easy for her so she isn’t frustrated and gives up. She is hapoy with her ks2 science. I am quite sure if she had to jump ahead it would be feasible, but she doesn’t like jumps. She also doesn’t like being pushed, and does like to consolidate. I am thinking she will have a very solid maths and English base!



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