Birthday weekend

in discussing BB’s birthday with a work colleague, he still admitted that he couldnt see what a girl would get out of minecraft. after all, what would they do on it? i rolled my eyes and called him out on it, but he couldn’t get past that point. Good thing i didn’t show him this picture, where I seem to have caught an only boys with BB moment!

nov 2014 084

But it wasn’t like that for much/most of the time, with the girls joining in, partic R when she arrived and also L and M. the boys are in the preponderance tho. But they play together, make stuff together, look for stuff together and get interactive. loved all the headphones tho as they are talking to each other! It was the quietest party ever!!

Older siblings and adults met and chatted in other areas. Some games playing and just chatting really. we were lucky that nanna could come with cousin L as well.

nov 2014 077

we had birthday cake, lots of yummy food, and chatted on into the night. was lovely so many could come, and it worked really well :) happy 10th birthday BB!

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  1. So glad it was a fabulous birthday party day for her.

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