quick summary of last week

honestly! i am soooo tired! I spent most of last week at a conference in the city, returning to do weds4ed on the wednesday. then the rest was party prep for the weekend. so blogging took a back seat. as did nagging! therefore no ticksheets were completed and pretty much no bookwork home ed :( argh! oh well, a week off is sometimes required.

so what did happen?

SB had arts award [bronze] on the tues pm, getting herself there and back by bus as she is more independantly minded. she is doing something photography related, and i am hoping she is independently getting on with that! Her pictures were looked at, and ok, and she has homework to research an artist. probably one with a photographic interest.

weds was are weds4ed, where we finished off the degas modroc, which look fab, some fun science and also board games and minecraft

weds4ed nov 2014 [2]weds4ed nov 2014 [2]weds4ed nov 2014 [2]weds4ed nov 2014 [2]

also a very long judo, and BB had her judo grading in the seond half, so a full 2 hours for her, and she was exhausted! She did get her next belt though, which is her yellow belt, so very happy :)

thursday and clarinet lesson was cancelled, which was unfortunate as SB’s grade 4 clarinet exam is soon. However, she is sounding good, so should be OK :) there was also multisports, so a great opportunity to meet friends and get muddy. there are quite a lot of teens/older kids there now, which makes SB happy. So it is a good group.

Thursday was also BB’s birthday :) hooray :) she got some lovely presents and was particularly happy to have got a 3ds from my mum :) and some games from us. Even more lovely, was that Josie from patch of puddles came for a sleepover to enjoy birthday cake and go to cubs as a friend. BB was really excited about that and they had a lovely time. BB had a wobble on the return about sleeping arrangements but was all settled and the girls happily watched malificent with icecream.

nov 2014 061nov 2014 062

Friday was french lesson for SB as she is working towards her igcse then conservation group. After this josie was exhausted and went home. we then got ready to party party with sorting out the dining room for the influx of computers, and some baking for party food. I guess I might do the weekend as a separate post.

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