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no outings 4 us

actually feeling sorry for girls, espec bb. its not much fun when your parents are lying on sofa doing the most minimal of caring and nurturing. in fact, bb has been, on the whole. v loving – coming to stroke my arm etc. the persistent raspberries on my belly less humorous, as she follows this with telling me off for not saying pardon me :roll: sb today also trying to be good, but with an older childs knowledge that if they cunningly stay out of the way and quiet, they wont be asked to do anything.

TBH, i think i am worsening rather than improving, and v fed up at that. chris, luckilly, is improving, though seal like cough awful. in fact he was well enough to do a quick forage for food. and some plaster of paris, but i ended up too unwell to use it. :cry: mind you, i did try and call him back because i had keeled over to find he had left mobile at home :roll:

so what did happen? well sb piled into her mediaeval project book for over an hour – guess that is approval!! she has decided she wants to do the ancient egyptian one next as has really enjoyed working on this one.

BB and i made another fimo duck/goose so that she has the ‘full set’ like on the page! and SB also did some more hama.

bb desperately wanted to do yesterdays colour mixer experiment by herself, so did that, and then made some crystals. we have an ex ebay part used no instructions smithsonian crystal set, and started that. sb wants to make the geode though, and not sure how to put the outside bit on – has anyone out there got a similar type set with instructions for that?? HELP?? we are nominating an old saucepan as a crystal pan for dissolving anyway.

so, both girls then had to play, because i staggered indoors with home grown corn on the cob, popped it in the water and collapsed. it is lovely native american style corn on the cob, and bb still wont eat it! 1 hour i managed of being up. hopeless. chris returned and i napped whilst sb did some maths.

i awoke in time for tea and we watched what the ancients did for us – rome – which was fascinating for all. sb did a piano practice, and has gone to bed clutching a number of box book of the Jacqui bailey
sort to read as she loves those.

time to nap again.

edited to add – i thought i had lost this blog post with a server crash, phew to autosave!! and have looked and other peoples outings to framlingham and to rockingham with jealousy, though know we wouldn’t make it to car without me needing to go to bed! will have to remember for next year

still blogging!

obviously i was at work today. bb had another swimming lesson, and was told if she kept messing about she would have to sit on the side. she apparently behaved after that. they were learning breast stroke. chris thinks she might be the youngest there, so i’ll give her some leeway! good news is that she is booked into regular swimming, and at the same time as SB! fab :smile:

they did some maths today each, apparently quite a bit. bB particularly proud of that! also SB did some recorder practice. Playing with monsterrabs happened, and also a library visit. following library visit was book reading.

my day at work slightly stressed by waiting for the outcome of my sisters appointment. it wasn’t as good as we would have liked, but also not as bad as we feared, so we are being positive. when i got home i implemented the engaged mummy plan, which involved doing some before the code with bB and then reading

with SB – her choice. this may not sound v interesting, but i like reading so that’s good, and it is a very structured activity, so ideal to a stressed mummy. after dinner whilst bB off to bed, SB and i played castle keep and rummy. finished the day reading some more of our roman mystery

hot hot hot

For those that stumble on my blog [not many do!] the protected ones are that, as they are there for a record for me, and do not ask for the password. that which i want friends, family and strangers to read is all there, laid bare. that which i don’t is protected, and i feel bad at refusal. I could private it – and yes there are a fair number of private posts dotted through this blog that only i see – but a sprinkling ppl have my passwords, for the benefit of their love and advice. these passworded blogs really aren’t that interesting.

so, having done the safety messages, what have we been doing. well, we have been being very hot!! chris has got some scaffolding up at the window, and done some putty work – hoorah! and the girls have mostly been in our paddling pool. indeed thurs i was so hot that i was in it too!!

sb has done a bit more maths and piano practice, and also teaching bb to read. we had a new arrival yesterday – a metronome, which they had fun investigating, a star kit, and a geography book – both looked through the astronomy – bb recognising saturn which she has seen, and sb some of the geography – it does look good.

SB has had gym and yesterday they went to nana’s and grandads [so no doubt watched alot of cable tv!!]

better day.

i worked hard today at trying not to let my total lack of tolerance be so obvious. was tricky in parts, but pretty much managed, and only suspected of nipping off for a breath/sob once. and we did loads of happy things together. starting with me having to get up way too early as chris dropped mondeo in for aircon refurb. after brekkie, we tidied up the playroom, sb read Cinderella: Level 1: Learn French Through Fairy Tales [With CD] (Slangman Kids: Level 1) rather well to BB. it doens’t have a good write up on amazon, and wasn’t what i expected, but sb likes to read it, and although it has perhaps 10 words in french in it, we count it!!! SB then did some maths, where it appears she has suddenly completely lost the plot wrt to long multip and division. it took her ages!!!

BB chose to do some art out of First Book of Art she started with the fingerprint dragon – which looked really fab when she had finished, and then moved onto the paper elephant. this was incredibly over the top, with glued jewels and feathers. she had a great time. when sb finished her maths, she moved onto this art book Art Treasury and chose the project to emulate the great wave at kanagawa by hokusai, which i think worked really well. she drew waves onto polystyrene, then when happy with design, she the dug out channels in the polystyrene. she mixed up some blues, and then used the polystyrene like relief printing woodcut. obviously it worked so well that BB did it too, so we discussed related ideas of prints/engravings and got messy!! had a great time doing this.

After lunch we went out to an event organised by Michelle, and met some old and new HE people, and the children ran about having great – and noisy – fun! this was the cloth place, and a revisit for the girls, although new to me. i had my map on me in case we got lost, and on the park and ride in, sb was charged with following its route to make sure we got off at the right place [tho the get off is v obvious!!] she really enjoyed following the road names, roundabouts etc and did it v well. training her up as next mapreader in the family. we were early so they got to have an icecream treat. as well as a park and ride treat – which they always like! was a lovely, and v noisy, session!! got to do a bit of chatting, but for quite a while played with bb. loved the sarcophagus and snakes [not maggots]. SB suggested to them an ice exploratory would be fun – ice sculpture, melting and freezing etc! needless to say, bb fell asleep on the way home. we got sb late to brownies, but they were mostly messing about in the sun or sticking pictures – as she was hot and bothered she went for sticking pics. and i collared brown owl who accepted the list of 10 brownie badges, but doesn’t have most of them.

bb came home and bounced and messed about in the paddling pool. i was allowed to stick my feet in and read book, but then my feet took up too much space – !! – and i had to just watch [read book] and then we started to make a fimo copy of a henry moore family group bronze – all bb’s idea, and only in the starting bit – will be v interested to see how it turns out. SB had judo, and we all went along at the end for the certification, as she now has the yellow/white.

so, phew, that is our hot day!

oh, i am reading these, on load from merry. i am really enjoying them.

in return i have sent The Other Queen which is ok, tho not the best of her work [nor the worst, i actually threw one of her books away], and this Azincourt , which i really enjoyed and would recommend, i enjoyed his arthur series The Winter King a lot as well. oh and also book 2!The Valley of Horses (Earth’s Children)

green weekend

i am getting a bit behind with this blogging thing! and chris is being even worse. actually chris and the girls have been having a v busy time of it. anyway, after finishing work on the friday, in some crazy plan we drove here! the sustainability centre it was on the crazy side, as even with not so much of a traffic hitch we still only just got there in time to put up our tent before it was pitch black! good thing we had friends there waiting for us, who helped out! We chatted to the parents whilst SB, BB, monster and teeny all caught up, ds-ed, played etc.

the next day was a lazy day. the children adventured and played, in fact the 3 oldest adventured for so far and long that i got a bit worried, so with bb went around the site calling for them – to no avail. TBH i was sure they were ok, but had that frisson of fear thing, so Nic and Ady also looked too – this time they allowed themselves to be found :roll: got to have a really good look round the site, and it had interesting looking tipis and yurts, and a v interesting composting toilet. bb absolutely and resolutely refused to use this at anytime. i wasn’t that keen as you couldn’t lock it! BB was fascinated by the tennis court covered in chalk flints, and investigated these alot until she eventually found one with a fossil, so was v happy. she also did some of her painting by numbers very carefully. so we had a really lovely happy day. The older 3 went back to adventuring after lunch, all carefully packed, and told this time if they heard us shout to PLEASE respond! [but mobile phone as a backup] and were v proud and happy to be going off doing their own thing in the woods. nic me chris and BB also went for a longer walk through the woods and burial area and thought it pretty idyllic.

there was one blip, and such a shame. the older ones played for a bit with an older group and both sequentially came a cropper from bullying games. i was most upset when sb recounted her tale of woe, but did manage to thank the girl for bringing back her glasses, and 3 of the children involved did come and apologise. grrr. luckilly they had better and kinder friends around. calmess prevaled!

chris and ady sorted out something with our ad hoc washing-machine-fire-pit, and what with wafting and oil pouring we eventually got a good blaze going to keep warm on and the kids could toast marshmallows. one of ours was v not tired, and the screams reverberated around the campsite! but we adults had a lovely evening, giggling as each loo stop resulted in ‘kindling’ being brought back – i think ady chopped a tree down in the middle of the wood! oh, and i saw a shooting star.

the next day i was woken at too-early-a-clock by a v sad voice saying she felt all hot and cold at the same time and not at all right. opning my eyes, SB was looking pale and interesting, though didn’t feel hot. a quick check and i thought she would be ok, but she did say he was sickly, so after a bit of recovery time finishing off The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina: Roman Mysteries 6 (The Roman Mysteries), we then decided to pack the tent up before 9am, so that we could get it in the car in case we needed a quicker exit than 6 pm [when we would next be allowed the tent in] chris and i were surprisingly speedy and all done and dusted. i think it is due to plan b. i tidy inner and gradually pack away all inner things and tent things [apart from 'grey box' and cooker] and then take tent down until the delta pegs. meanwhile chris is packing it all in. as taking and tidying seems to = actually getting it in the car time. so we gave the lie to Nic’s statement that we are the most laid back tent uppers and downers – though it is generally true, as why ruin a good holiday about stressing over upping and downing!

after all of this, when chris and i felt like we should be only just getting up, rather than having finished tent down, SB perked up. which i AM glad of, but… anyway we set out to the green fair and loved it [thanks N and A for organising the weekend] BB and i wandered over first as it was being set up to chat too the stall holders and eye up places to go to, then with the monsterteenies we wandered up to the story teller, who i did enjoy and then to the firestarters! moving on to have an icecream and more of a wander. we ended up at the area of the steward community woodland which had hunks of clay, dangerous tools and hunks of chalk. both girls were attracted by the chalk and spent over an hour hammering, chiselling, drilling and otherwise shaping it. v happy! this was BB’s most favourite bit of the weekend she said. the other fav – for both girls was the pond dipping bit. SB dipped an emperor dragonfly, and BB a newt [she loves newts!] and these were then caught on a camera rigged up to a ‘puter and screen so could be seen in BIG. gradually the fair came to an end and we were then pleased to have already taken the tent down as we had a long drive ahead! so good bye to friends and we were off home, relatively easily. so thanks for a fab weekend camp – i really do love camping.

latin in the wild

today, for a change we did latin and science at an outdoor venue. was rather a good idea [not mine!] though i was a bit stressed as got stuck in an enormous traffic standstill, that seemed to have no cause when we got to the front. not quite as bad as katy, who had key problems. got there and met up with ‘the gang’ and the children played for ages in the play area v happily. then after being tempted with snack did classical studies with katy, acting out the trojan horse and one of the many greek dolphin myths. we had lunch – michelle had brought the pasta out with us, and v well received. and then we did science. i thought we should do something easy to get us thinking chemicals, so we thought of the ones we knew – hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and some of the ‘mixes’ H2O and CO2 and then discussed with piccies what makes up an atom and then a molecule. we made H2O and then ethane with sweets and cocktail sticks before talking a bit about solids, making some more molecules with molemod for the older ones, and face painting molecules for those that wished it. we began thinking of ‘valency’ [i know we are not supposed to use that word!!] this seems to be a good website btw.

the children put on a show of the greek dramas for us, and then we said good bye to those going to baby music, and the rest of us looked round the animal shelter part of it, oohing and ahing at the animals we liked [sb partic fond of the dog idea, and bb of guinea pigs] and more playing in the park with adults chatting. v grounding experience for mums like me needing a bit of grounding!

BB fell asleep near instantly being put in the car, and stayed asleep for a bit [which is why she is snuggled in my ‘whiskey hole’ [leg curl space for cat to snuggle in] at the moment as i type!! SB is reading. SB did the customary brownies and judo and then we had chips with a side order of daleks! we need to fix our conservatory and the chap came today with a quote. it is on the steep side. so to recover from one astronomical thing we went out and looked at some more with our telescope.

so tonight we looked at craters on the moon – even bb was impressed, a previous night she had been disappointed at the small size of saturn. she remained disappointed at the small size of saturn tonight, but it was so clear that the rest of us saw one of saturn’s moons!! so we were all v excited.

other than that, as a backwards catchup from me, we have done bits of recordering, piano playing and verbal/non verbal reasoning. SB has moved onto chapter 2 of her Junior English Book 1, but was distracted on looking up lotus flowers and read a book about nefret working for Cleopatra: Discover the World of Cleopatra Through the Diary of Her Handmaiden, Nefret and then about Captain Cook (Famous Lives) because the book was nearbye!

we have fimo-ed me some owls, bb a fish brooch and sb some beads for little nanny’s birthday, and also done some painting, seed tending and lots of games outside. we have also played a lot of games of Bohnanza and Castle Keep

good news that my mammogram normal. less good that my working hours seem to always increase rather than decrease. may help us pay for conservatory though!!

An oasis in a week of stress

i am not convinced that going to work is actually worth it always. and this week is one of those times. actually, thinking about it, this whole month. not that i can even talk about it let alone blog. but there. i am sure i am not the only worker that feels this though…

anyway, chris is going to blog yesterday, which was rather fun i believe. it did mean we didn’t quite do what was planned today as he and the girls were still exhausted [i am always exhausted] but instead had a lazier day. SB did piano practice whilst i was in bed, and had her head in a book when i came down. when i am feeling a bit blue, amazon tends to benefit [ :lol: ] and this time was no exception, and i have spent some of my birthday money on nice books and also Bohnanza! it came today, so we spent most of the morning playing it!

we did also do some hugging, cuddling read the next bit of SoTW, look at some other books with marco polo in them or explorers, The Picture History of Great Explorers , I Wonder Why Columbus Crossed the Ocean: And Other Questions About Explorers (I Wonder Why) ,The Story of Explorers and Exploration and also a map. [i think alison is right, i have too many books! ] Following up on recommendations on the blog ring, we also looked at a bit of Write Around the World: The Story of How and Why We Learned to Write which i also like very much and would recommend.

ANother birthday purchase for me was a Great Gizmos – Movie Motion Zoetrope kit. which BB was fascinated with for the hour or so i was reading the above books to SB. SB then also had a bit of a play. We are going to do some of our own! and then we had lunch :wink:

SB hasn’t done much maths for ages, so she took the book out to the pond, and some rubbed out ernests book as well. BB said she was ready for ‘plussing’ as she is now as good as SB :roll: and :lol: at the same time! actually she just about is ready for plussing, as long as each number is less than five so that she can stick her fingers up and see them together. SB needs to learn some times tables i think, to make the whole multiplication thing less laborious. she wanted to know how i knew 4 x 7 was 28 so quickly. i told her, like number bonds, you use it enough and you know it [unless you are a maths genius and just know it anyway]

BB had had enough plussing, and wanted her face painting, so found the paints and she chose a dalmation, except every spot had to be the same size, but a different colour and not black, so actually she was just spotty!! she painted my feet with cheaper face paints. i have this book Face Painting (Usborne Activity) since i have no artistry. Speaking of lack of artistry i found all the ‘special’ paintbrushes had obviously been used on a previous occasion and not washed out. what is worse, they have glitter particles and glue – aargh! i think i need a mummy only shelf!

we then got out the paddling pool, filled it with water and had it comedown the climbing frame slide and into the pool. what fabulous fun. what a perfect way to spend a summery day hey! [oh to be that age again too] so we all giggled, laughed and enjoyed the day. SB went off to brownies [at the 'big house' this week to look at the lambs and various other animals] and then judo – which she loves. BB was ‘xhausted and watched my little pony video [argh] and magic school bus – not so bad – and then fell asleep. SB on return watched Little House On The Prairie – Series 2 [DVD] [1975] [which frequently makes me cry]. i guess we are pretty much done! chris read George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt to SB for bed time, and now, having had a lovely sunny weathered, sunny mood day, it is apprentice time.

the gloriously sunny weekend

well, i got up gloriously early and was up and at’em. thing is, i am not sure i can remember much of yesterday!

ermm, i know SB did some piano practice! oh, and i made some ‘stone age’ tabards out of fake fur material for the girls – yay, the sewing machine worked!! umm. oh yes, we sowed lots of seeds – sweetcorn native american [for its blue and yellow colouring] squash festival, pumpkin mars and a golden courgette. also climbing bean cobra and runner beans lady di and sunset. pea misty. so that was quite a lot of things!! we read some french, as haven’t done much there for ages Les Amis De Berthe and built on that with a bit of conversation and description. also looked at some stone age books Prehistoric Peoples (Exploring History) and i think just generally played in the sun. OOOH I remember!! we went easter egg hunting at ‘the big house’ [which is v lovely!] BB cycled there and back as she is ace now at cycling. she can also get herself going now. she was enjoying skidding on the gravel there, and did come off, unfortunately. the other thing we did was bribe the girls 1p for every dandelion flower they picked. this is chris’s idea to cut down on the seeds floating about. i think 10p per plant with some root might have been a better bet. this has cost us about a fiver so far!! SB did some VR [has finished the NVR book]

anyway, so to today. another fabulously warm day!! we started with porridge – always a good start, and then went out to play, filling up the bird seed feeders, and immediately getting a rush of birds. then BB wanted to paint her dinosaur volcano – the dinodorium that she hasn’t done for ages, so excavated that, and SB did some painting by numbers. Striking the HE iron as it has been quite cool for a while :blush: i read some The Story Of the World – the Middle Ages V 2 . this was about marco polo, and both SB and BB were quite enthusiastic about it, so i read around with marco polo and The Picture History of Great Explorers . both v happy. we did a bit more french with Space Postman/Le Facteur Spatial (I Can Read French) , and then put up the play tent, and chris got out his spacepacker, so a fair bit of tenting and general play went on. i finished my book Postmortem (Dr Kay Scarpetta) . actually will recommend this one The Other Queen , that i read whilst away, and also this one Henry: Virtuous Prince, but i left this one The Wise Woman in the travelodge as disliked intensly – and gave me nightmares and an unsettled feeling which is no good if there is no husband to cuddle!! [i think the amazon reviewers are in agreement!]

Anyway, it being a clear evening, we finished off the evening looking at the stars – and in particular saturn through the telescope. BB was decidedly underwhelmed by the size of it!! that is 4 year olds for you!! prior to that BB and i did jigsaws whilst SB read Your Head (See Inside), and See Inside: The World of Dinosaurs (Usborne Flap Books) [obviously one of BB's books!!]

Not according to plan, but fabulous anyway

hmm, daddybean does appear to have stopped blogging doesn’t he. this is a bit of a home-ed blog disaster, as he does most of the home-ed! This blog is brought to you with Grieg’s holberg suite as background music, in vain effort to block out singularly awful pub band next door!

thurs: hmm, not tots and nots due to a poxy chickens breakout at a terrible time for us, but yes to dual gym. [peers at BK] ‘Reading, discussing, Dsing, Oggly Googlies, VR and NVR. SB now showing BB about different hardnesses of pencils’ ‘They are turning the water off for a bit (water co digging hole in the road) kids excited about idea and filling up all sorts of things :-)’ ‘BB: “I could get my poo and roll it into sausages with my hands”. Me: “Don’t you think that sounds a bit yucky”?’ [ermmm, lets gloss quickly over that one! :lol: ] When I got home, read books and played games with BB [don't wake dad and who's who] whilst snuggling SB and she did some maths, then chatted about animal crossing, oh and we watched dr who i think. Chris and I started the latest series of BSG [holberg 2]

Fri:they played monopoly [also cribbed from BK] not cribbed from BK [unfortunately] was that SB’s glasses were ready, so they went and picked them up and spent the rest of the day and early evening at his parents. my phone was dead, so a text never reached me, so i spent the earlyy evening wondering where all my family were, and the later evening saying goodbye to a work colleague with a really appalling meal! [there was a single choice for veggies – starter = roasted pepper and tomato with some rocket, main = roasted pepper, tomato and rocket tart!! and TBH, it might as well have been tipped out of a jar [prob was actually as a bit watery]. but i got to sit next to some interesting people and have interesting conversations.

SO to today
, I wasn’t allowed up initially as craft things going on – i think this may be related to mother’s day if lucky. so i had a bit of a lie in and finished Imperium , which i have really enjoyed [ although as reading The Dolphins of Laurentum: Roman Mysteries 5 (The Roman Mysteries) to SB at the moment, i have felt a bit over-romaned at times!!]. [small break to get to part 3 of holberg suite! – now, where was I??]

oh yes, i got up and went to see what was happening. SB ds-ing animal crossing, then did piano practice with me. BB and i then read a variety of stories, and SB and i looked at minimus chapter 3. A short break as BB insisted on getting the paddling pool out as it was sunny, and was surprise at how cold that was!! however, both girls did have a whale [wail] of a time and came in freezing. i sorted out some seeds for sowing. i am feeling time pressed this year, so we are going for some easy things that we def like, rather than trying to do loads. then lunch for the girls [too close to brekkie for me!]

both girls declared keen to do some science [we had been going to the science festival again this weekend, but somehow inertia and a desire by me for a simple day at home kept us here. BB was enthusiastic to do the ‘bean thing’ so we have 3 jars of broad beans, a control, a fridge and an airing cupboard to compare. SB got out a kitchen science kit she got for Xmas and was happy to see a volcano in there. BB found the other volcano and we were away. [holberg 4] we decided to colour green, and SB’s does a massive shoot up. obviously a tighter fit and smaller hole so more pressure [and far more mess] = way more fun!! With shaking them, could make BB’s do it, and SB’s even more dramatic – may add video clip. so we are all out of vinegar, and will need to buy bicarb in suma quantities!! After we had washed and cleaned up i set out to do a slow explosion [tho actually not entirely sure it will explode!] we put sugar, yeast and warm water into bottles with balloons on the top. SB actually guessed the right gas [well, i guess we had just released it in far more dramatic manner!!], and we have been checking back on it. balloons inflating, not sure will pop!!

IMG_7929 IMG_7925

more playing outside in the paddling pool until a small contretemps saw SB retire to the top of the climbing frame with the non-verbal reasoning book [half way through already] and BB into the playhouse. i got ingredients for seed sowing, so both girls joined me on the grass – bB first for a bit, then SB for much longer, and brief return of BB.

    edited to add, due to the lack of life in my gardening blog, i am going to stick this here for now, we sowed chilli peppers, tomato illidi [a huge success last year] and gardeners delight, pea misty, sunflowers [must buy some more seeds] and dwarf french bean gold tepee.

we looked at the birds guzzling on the birdfeeders – more and more. must be mouths to feed. in to tidy playroom [v poor grace!] I read The Rock Factory: A Story About Rocks and Stones (Science Works) [holberg 5 – though pub band having a break], they helped chris peal potatoes and I remembered a small parcel so SB opened it. We had a go at the first duet in Descant and Treble Recorder Duets which we were evenly matched for as i was on treble, so finally coming to grips with what the notes actually are. She just had a few counting issues, but even the low D noticeably better, and we both decided that it had def been fun.

SO finally to tea infront of Dr who, and much enjoyed scribbling one. BB off to bed with chris, and SB and i looked at the doctor who website, and she played some games on it. SB and I played connect 4 – which she is getting rather good at. Usual bedtime roman mystery read from me, and she is currentyl reading Ordinary Jack – The Bagthorpes 1 and enjoying it. [a far cry playing holberg, and band restarted]

quick catch up

very quick actually, am going to see whether i can do one of these fabulous 10 min blogs, the craze of which is sweeping the early years blogring in that typical blog meme way!! [23:10]

so thurs is chris’s day, so will be swift for me to write! nots and tots, both girls told me lots about recordering – and rather fabulously they have both practiced every day since!! BB is somewhat challenged to keep all her tiny fingers over the holes, and i am somewhat challenged by 10 mins of b’s and a’s, but hey! SB working on her low d at the mo, and just enjoys playing through book 1 – long may it last. actually, she has also done piano every day too. sb made sausage rolls, she def prefers them with linda mccartney sausages [good as much quicker to make!] i think she also did some french.
thurs also gym for both girls – i believe all costumes present and correct! and i did something with them when i got home ? read stories?? and then panicked about my friday!

Fri, i think was a sorting at home day, sb doing lots of reading, both music practices and some maths, and then lots of playing with polydrons and geomags. bB has done lots of fimo-ing. merry left us a fimo booklet thingy, and BB is gradually making them all – i think this is a sales technique! we watched dr who, and BB impressed us by knowing it was going to have the Ood in it! SB has enjoyed reading The Battle for Radio: Marconi’s Story (Science Stories) and Sea Clocks: The Story of Longitude and Antarctic Adventure: Exploring the Frozen Continent (DK Eyewitness Readers: Level 4)
My friday wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and i will leave it as that on the blog.

Today I have been working. SB spent AGES doing some maths, and has again piano-ed and recordered. A fair bit of sylvanians playing and reading also. BB and I have fimo-ed [again!] read a lot together [ including this series Duckling (DK Watch Me Grow)] and recordered [more a's and b's] SB wrote BB a recorder piece in a’s and b’s – lovely of her. we read some french alltogether, did a fair bit of playing and reading altogether. watched the second ood thing, read some SOTW [ages since we did that, are reading about gengis khan] and SB currently in bed listing to our island story vol 2. [23:28 - but interruptions from chris - also blogging same days - and SB - can't sleep as windy]