swimming day

its obviously another chris day, but you may have noticed he has stopped blogging. this is a problem, as i am not there!! but i believe they went to the library, read loads of books, sb did some piano practice, spelling and maths. they didn’t get the microscope at to look at crystals though. and then they went swimming. this is the once a month i might get back if i push things, so i arranged to meet them at the swimming pool and chris took our swimmies. i just made it for the end of their lesson, and then we all had a lovely family swim. bb can swim 2m now, but hasn’t worked out how to swim and breath, so tends to have to stop swimming, stand up and breathe – rofl. she also has a weird jelly fish swimming stlye, in that she scrunches herself up then extends and by some miracle she is a bit further along. a bit like dolphin stroke i guess! after having a lovely time we returned for slow cooker lasagne – which was delish. bb exhausted, so fast asleep, and sb should be too. she has been enjoying listeing to anne of green gables on her mp3.

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