finsbury parktastic

it was an RI day today, meaning up bright and early to catch the train. today it all seemed to go smoothly, there was parking, there was time, and we remembered the croissants! and we shared a carriage with the puddles! so all v delightful. got wathc SB and maddy practice their french conversation on the tube – how home ed cute! as we got off the tube, there were the manor borns, as we walked along the pavement, there were the portico, and finally, already there were monster, teeny and parents! if we had tried to arrange to meet up so effortlessly it would have been doomed to failure!

A bit of playing in the basement, and some interminable queuing as they set up – noticing that the manorborns snuck the back way past all of this! and then in to fantastic pole position seats. i think the experimenters were a trifle concerned to see BB so close, but she was fab! we really enjoyed it. lots of things to think about – with plenty of bangs! we were advised not to try at home, though i loved the luminescent bits… yep, we loved it! Afterwards, bb and sb spent a while poring over the periodic tables outside before we picnicked in green park with friends.

we decided to walk to buckingham palace and wander about a bit, but after we had got there, bb was flagging, and TBH, she has been tired more quickly recently, so we wandered slowly back through green park and came home, meeting the puddles at finsbury park! bb fell asleep on train, and SB and Maddy read some usborne pocket science books, played treehouse and did some colouring – all v beautiful to watch! back in time for SB brownies and judo, and BB and i played hiss and watched shrek. on SB’s returned she watched a what the ancients… on early britons whilst i snoozed!

next week rI is magnets, with latinetc deferred – i think?

5 responses to “finsbury parktastic

  1. Lovely to see you. I loved the bit at the RI where they asked BB how old she was :lol:

  2. giggle, that was chris’s fault! she has been happily 4 and 3/4 but apparentky this week he told her she was 4 and 5/6 – hence confusion!!

  3. Is everybody doing morning at the RI next week? Wondering whether to change to the afternoon, purely out of laziness.

  4. We are doing afternoon.

  5. morning!

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