An Early Blog!

Mostly due to nipping out this eve, better to get it done and dusted!!

This am SB struggled to get up again, she has had a cough for over a month now, and apart from making her tired and not sleeping well, she seems ok otherwise. thinking, on and off, about going to docs tho, as it has gone on for soooo long! She did – in a very quick whizzy way – some grammar, galore park science and dk project book. can’t have taken more than 5 mins each ?? [btw, tick sheet last week <20, and anticipate same this week as loads of other things to do] . BB entertained herself with a rabbit game.

I [and here we need a drumroll!!] got out little Nanny’s sewing machine, with the purpose of making SB a pinny to wear tomorrow. i have never made any items of clothing before, nor used Little Nanny’s sewing machine [a singer 401 of some vintage] so slightly nervous! I was going to make more of a tabard look with frill – which does seem more of the era, but a combination of bits and pieces, and actual worry, has turned it into more of a maids pinny. oh well! I am just jolly glad with myself for actually making it. it ended uptoo big as well, so have had to nip up various bits, so it doesn’t look as good as it did… The sewing machine is a dream tho! i love Nanny, she even had in her kit prewound singer bobbins <3 <3 as one of the things i dread is all that bobbining. tho they needed diff tension. Tension on a sewing machine is one of my bete noirs, but that fab singer instruction book – yep, little nanny kept it, made it so easy, i sorted it!! It is a rather fab sewing machine. i might even sew more things :)

P1080283 P1080286

SB, BB and I went to Djembe Drumming, arranged by CHEF and old home ed friend T was there, so had a hug and a chat. Miss seeing her now her daughter has gone to school. We all enjoyed the session greatly, as we had before. Learnt some new rhythms and both girls v happy.

returned home and the girls have gone off to swimming. I have added buttonholes [badly] to ribbon, and tempted to glue the fraying bits! I don’t think i will try making the mob cap!! Did a good piano prac with SB tho, gradually getting there! She also started her galore park history, and i silently chortled listening to her explaining the rosetta stone to BB. That is good home ed :)

4 responses to “An Early Blog!

  1. Wow, didn’t realize all the significances of the sewing adventure today. You did brilliantly! I also hate all the thready tensiony stuff. Can’t even remember now exactly what it is that I don’t like, but remember getting very stressed last time I used a sewing machine.
    Drumming sounds good and big wooohooo for SB explaining Rosetta Stone to BB, nice.

  2. I took 2 pairs of curtains to my mum’s last week for her to line and hem! I can do stuff, and have a sewing machine, but it takes such an effort, whereas she knows what to do.

    Mob cap would be easy though – just sew a piece of elastic onto a circle of fabric?

  3. it would be, but spent evening at deependers, and all sewn out!

  4. I think your sewing was fab! For someone who doesn’t like it or claim to know what to do anyway ;) Hope SB’s cough clears up soon xx

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