[ser]vile Victorians

we went on a fab home ed group organised trip today to Burghley House for a Victorian servant experience. it was fabulous. Le ciel rouge were also there. We had a blast! the girls all dressed up, and over half of the other children had too. I was partic proud of SB’s costume :) and BB wore her pinny. We did have to get up at 7.30 – which was a shock to the system!!

First we had an introduction and heard a bit about various different servants, their jobs and what they would earn. then we were shown around the main house [no pics] which was really good. partic loved the kitchens and all the artwork :) Was very proud of SB, going round, asking questions and showing things to BB, and to BB for being so well behaved :) A very interesting tour of a very interesting place. We then went to the second bit, which was looking at a variety of items commonly used by servants in the Victorian times. SB and BB keen to pick some up and show around. Z and i did wonder if t41 would have approved of the ‘that’s a good question’ training.


Lunch time and we were all gasping for a cup of tea and food! unfortunately no chairs to sit on! In fact, it was cold stone slabs!! eek! After eating we went to our first afternoon session which was making fab sculptures out of wire. Unfortunately the session was a bit too short, meaning SB didn’t finish, and BB got stressed until i made the correct [after some trial and error on my part!] design xmas tree for her to hang baubles from. i also had a go, a butterfly on a flower. A really excellent session from a v hands on sculptor. Wish it could have had another half an hour.

P1080419 P1080420

The final session was also great, doing some servant chores, tho many reproducible at home ;) All the girls started with polishing saddles and shoes, then using lemon juice to clean copper, the bigger girls then wrote letters, and BB did all the rest and dictated a letter to me. The chap leading was v knowledgeable and it was only that we were flagging at the end of the day and requiring cups of tea that made us want the day to end :) Children also tired, and BB fell asleep in car on way home [ok and me]. BB recovered at home with some old dr who, SB has had brownies and judo and has done a short piano prac [broken cords and trudging, her worst things still, and she doesn't want to change piece - it will be fine!]

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  1. sounds like a fab, if long, day! We haven’t really got into victorians much, but think we have a day out doing similar (in a not so fab house though) soon.

  2. sounds great, love the pics. And confess to actually seeing a Chloe shaped gap in the pics you BK’d earlier.

  3. Aw. All of you are lovely. Xxxxxx

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