Scrunching the leaves

my sister loved this time of year, and the falling leaves are just so very symbolic of loss. Been a bit of a struggly weekend, tho doing my best :) .

Today, orig, i had thought we might go out somewhere, but have instead stayed in, as SB wanted to ‘just spend time with me’ awwwww. SO that is what we did. She has spent a fair bit of time playing with paper dolls. But we also did a long time of recorder duets together – half the book! we would have done viola, but have mislaid the book [again!!] was trying to find a nice starter violin/viola duet book, but can’t. So instead we did clarinet, and yes, it does need a service :) and the piano. Following that significant amount of music, BB wanted to play bohnanza again with me, having done enough ‘penning‘ [another sign] so we did that and SB started a window mosaic. BB and I then read some of A City Through Time which seems to be currently on amazon at a phenomenal price… and BB very successfully read to me another 1b book :) [it didn't have 'the' in it! ] before we went out to play in the garden, scrunch leaves and adore baby bunnies! It did start raining even though all else sunny – very weird!

Back indoors we ate ponigramits [bb's] in the conservatory whilst SB did the primary maths challenge. i am quite proud of her. She sat happily and did it for the allotted time, wasn’t stressed or worried and just carried on with it. A bit more stress and she might have concentrated slightly more, as she got 4 questions wrong she could do upside down waving her feet about – and even went doh when i went through them doing a quick check when she got a different [right] answer!! lol! I think she has got 15 tho even with the doh moments, and perhaps we should have done a few practices to get her head into gear, but I am proud of her relaxed and happy approach to it, and the fact that if she had engaged brain [on some of the easiest questions!!] she might have done :roll: and giggle ]

SB ate her pomegranate, and BB and I played settlers of catan, which she did quite well at, tho couldn’t see the point :) so we went back to bohnanza, sb went to playing with paper dolls and then we watched merlin. A very relaxed day indeed. I start my phased return tomorrow, tho actual work on tues. It is right that i get back into it, but very hard.

I just loved this pic of SB. I *love* that girl!


6 responses to “Scrunching the leaves

  1. Sounds like a cosy peaceful weekend :) Now hope you get a decent night’s sleep tonight. Will be thinking of you in the morning.

  2. Good luck tomorrow, thinking of you. Well done on finding books without ‘the’ in – wonder if ‘the’ will ever be acceptable…
    Great that SB had that approach to the maths, always lovely to see relaxedness.

  3. it’s a lovely pic of SB. Although it’s quite scary, I’m really loving looking at all of our friend’s children and seeing how they’ve grown lately.

    Looked like a perfect family home day.

    Hope today goes well, will be thinking of you *hugs*

  4. Glad you found a book without ‘the’!

  5. SB has literally grown lately, she has put on 3 cm since 21 Auugust, which explains most of her trousers being to ahort.

  6. eek!! my first baby is growing up fast!

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