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Week 42 2013 ticksheet

This has been a good week for bookish stuff. Spurred on by a conquer Mathis certificate and seeing she was nearly at 20 we have done a couple more things at the weekend and she is now a proud owner of a schliech rhino. Need to top up my schliech animals!



week 41 2013 ticksheet

hmm, a popping about week, and with both parents a bit under the weather, so the pressure off, therefore a rubbish formal work week :)

week 40 2013 ticksheet

a good week, bb is getting the grips of working. it isn’t much – 4 things prob is only an hour in the day – but it is the pattern of doing something! she is reading more, and not just on the sheet, but general reading, which is great :) and is finding conquer maths easy. she is also liking the new piano routine, again v quick, usually less than 10 mins, but is doing spontaeous piano practice, and that seems better than 20 mins once or twice, of which half of that is wailing! thankyou gina :) . and having done 20 things, she has a schliech animal – even better. since ‘completing’ her ticksheet, we have done baking, diy and watched 2 fact things. so in fact over and above ;) . well done BB :) . she has also got a new cubs badge, enjoyed swimming and happily gone to judo [for a schliech animal, but hey, she went with no fuss and enjoyed it]

Home stuff

week 39 2013 ticksheet

so BB made 16 in the end [a fact dvd and lego got missed off]

she printed off a certificate for her maths as she was v happy as she is finding in nice and easy. This is conquer maths which she really enjoys and is steadilly working through. I think she would be in year 4 at school? so this is nice to know that actually she is more or less at her right level. BB really doesn’t like to be pushed, she likes it to be easy :) , but i am happy that she is moving forward and doing the new things, conquer maths does seem to suit her well.

so I took a couple of ‘BB doing home ed’ pictures this week :) . she is doing some conquer maths and enjoying playing some christmas carols to me. I have taken a friend G’s advice, and after any prolonged break in practice we are doing 2 pieces of her choice [away in a manger and good king wenceslas] and one from way back in the book – started at yankee doodle, which she found easy and now jumped to st nicholas, also easy, and will hop in progressively smaller jumps until we are back where we had got to, or have another break and go backwards again! It is working very successfully tho :) thankyou.

She spent ages turning minecraft into the real world :) and having found on a website the patterns printed them and carefully did the whole process with straightforward shapes, and then nagged for a craft knife to do the complicated :) daddy helped with the glueing :)

General home stuff General home stuff
General home stuff General home stuff

week 38 2013 ticksheet

A fairly good week. Fair beit of reading to herself factbooks and out loud to us. Also new activities – lots of excercise ;)

week 37 2013 ticksheet

allthough superficially it looks pretty bare, it was a very out and about week. Monday spent at the science museum and natural history, so lots of facts – bb partic liked the bugs section this time. worth more than reading a book :) and met up with friends too. weds was another day out with friends, walking and geocaching. conservation friday morning and the weekend at my parents gave 2 1/2 home days. home ed is like this. some weeks are more ‘worky’ and others more ‘visity’

week 36 2013 ticksheet

of course there is now just bb. this was our first week back to home ed. we had 3 home days, 1 group day and 1 out day. [ as all blogged] we all thought it was a good start :) . no evening activities yet have started.

week 22 2013 ticksheets

SB has worked really hard this week. SHe has done a lot of music theory, and is now getting a merit in her practice papers. She has also done home ballet practice. some friends of ours suggested an app whcih you can also do on a lpatop to help with languages and is free. this is duolingo. I have suggested to SB that driving her french forward a bit will help her settle in more quickly on her french exchange, and she agrees, and also she can do italian on it, as we struggle there with the aural component.

I must take a pic of BB’s ticksheet before she rubs it out and starts again! I need to add a few things she did at cub camp.

week 21 2013 ticksheets

bearing in mind that it was ‘half term’ and bank holiday, so only 3 ‘working’ days, i think we did ok. SB achieved 28 ticks – lots of music theory as grade 5 this term. BB only 11, but a lot of playing in the sun. Our not so ticky ed stuff was the sky skills day out, as detailed below.

Sb ticklist wc 27/5/13

Tick sheets

week 19 2013 ticksheets

SO I have very definately made sure i took pictures of them this week!! TADA :)

Both have done well and will be raiding the book box. less music prac from BB as she really bashed her wrist, and SB only just picking up from her wrist injury – sigh! BB also pretty maths resistant this week, so need to make more of an effort at maths, reading eggs and explode the code next week. SB is in the middle of writing a huge story for galore park english currently.

here is how a bookish home ed day may work…